Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 5, 2014

Rant & Rave March 6


— “Obama and the United States government need to shut up and leave Russia and Ukraine alone. The idea of giving Ukraine a billion, or billions, of dollars in financial aid is ridiculous. Are we going to borrow the money from China, or maybe Russia? Our country is broke. Let’s fix it and our government first.”

“We need Grady County to bring us a vote on alcohol sales on Sunday. I have worn out a set of tires and spent a lot on gas, so it would save me money. Let’s vote.”

“I’m against the county giving money to the Zebulon.”

“They don’t need to sell alcohol on Sunday. If anybody wants it on Sunday, they can buy it before Sunday.”

“Thank God John McCain is not the president.”

“First, a president who doesn't know how to preside, and now his Swift Boater who doesn't know how to paddle! Add to that reductions in the military and cuts in pay and benefits!  Putin must be snickering behind his hand.”

“I’m a ‘bumpkin’ and proud of it. I'm also a ‘redneck’ and proud of it. To attempt to intimidate people who have different ideas than yours by use of such words shows how little you know about the history and true culture of our region. If you're a real Southerner, say amen!”

“I have two words to describe your columnist the Rev. Arthur L Jones and his articles — ‘perfection always.’”