Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 25, 2014

Rant & Rave for March 26


— “I personally don't understand any part of ‘Thou shalt not be infringed.’ Is that a Bible verse? It is certainly not the Second Amendment. Maybe you are the one with a comprehension problem?”

“Susan Brown's column about voter fraud is a perfect illustration of why the far right wing will never see its agendas realized (thank heavens!). I agree that we should require IDs to vote, but her suggestion that ‘Liberals couldn't win elections without voter fraud’ is pure fiction. Yes, dear Susan, there are wolves circling the last bastion of democracy. You are one of them.”

“Legalizing marijuana doesn't condone it's use. It simply acknowledges that folks shouldn't be arrested for possessing small amounts.”

“Our country is trillions of dollars in debt. We have limited amounts for education, law enforcement or anything else. Yet somehow, we can find a billion dollars to send to Ukraine? Good job, Mr. President, I'm sure the Rev. Jones is very proud of you.”

“Let's focus on the big items that effect the entire country. The only trips to China that sunk us were the ones Nixon and George Sr. took to open up China for their Wall Street and too-big-to-fail bank buddies.”

“I hope Hobby Lobby gets a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court. The justices sure got the one about Obamacare wrong.”

“Taxpayers in Cairo and Grady County should not be bailing out the theater. If it can’t make it on its own, tough. It should have been the same for the banks and GM.”