Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 30, 2014

Grateful for chance in Thomasville

Daniel Kramer

— Nelson Mandela once echoed an epic phrase that found its way into my daily repertoire amid my journalistic journey: “After climbing a great hill, one only finds there are many more hills to climb.”

Accomplishments are gratifying, but the drive to strive further is what fuels the successful.

My name is Daniel Kramer and I am thrilled to announce my new role as the sports editor at the Times-Enterprise. I’ve only been here a few days, but the rich fabric of tradition and community has already ingrained into my being. It is a great privilege to bring you all to the locker rooms, huddles and hardwoods while delivering content through a medium you’ve trusted for more than a century.

We want to reestablish that the Times-Enterprise is here to write, not root. Our sports content will be diversified, fair, accurate and objective. We will strive to maintain these morals while putting the story above all. I am one who yearns the well-crafted narrative; whether it’s the feature of the third-stinger overcoming odds or capturing the emotion of a game-winning buzzer-beater. My goal is to bring you the action and chronicle the events in an engaging manner. We want you to turn the page and keep scrolling.

One claim I’ve crossed during my seven years in this industry is the notion that journalism is dying, and I can’t think of a more inaccurate assertion.

Journalism is changing. Audiences still crave the news and enjoy a story that provides perspective. Instead of focusing on the faults, we need to adapt and innovate. Creativity and confidence can take this industry to new heights. I look forward to bringing fresh ideas to the newsroom that will enhance the reporter and audience experience.

My optimistic outset originated during my time at the University of Georgia, where I burgeoned under the guidance of its award-winning journalism faculty. I built strong relationships with a plethora of professors that catapulted me to an honorable graduation last month.

During my Athens tenure, I worked for a number of news outlets and covered stories across the sports spectrum. After a one-year stint at the student-run Red & Black, I moved to the Athens Banner-Herald and Fox Sports Next, where I covered Georgia football for two seasons. I picked up invaluable experience working alongside seasoned reporters on one of the most competitive beats in the South. The job entailed some thrilling games, high-profile interviews and much-needed professional experience.

I also spent two years at Valdosta State before journeying to Georgia. During my time amid the palm trees and Spanish architecture, I built some of the best friendships I have among the tight-knit community. There’s something special about small town lifestyles, which gives me added excitement to serve as a medium for such a passionate bunch here in Thomasville.

Not many journalism graduates find jobs right out of school — especially those with ambition to cover sports. Trekking to Thomasville within a month of graduation gives me added gratification. But make no mistake; I realize that it’s professionalism and a track record that brought me here. Nothing is more important to me than maintaining those credentials.

That said, I invite you all to reach out with cares, concerns, calls and comments during my time here. I take pride in being a servant of this cozy community. Please knock, my door is always open.

Until then, see you at the game.