Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 12, 2012


Natalie Fultz

OCHLOCKNEE — The horses at Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue aren’t looking for a holiday feast. They will happily settle for enough food to survive.

Nearly fifty horses roam the 60 acres of pasture at Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue (DCFHR).

After teaching in Thomas County for 21 years, Anita Meisen, one of the founders of DCFHR, decided to take a year off. Six years later, she finds herself changing the lives of deprived animals.

“Our idea was that we would have, at maximum, four horses at a time,” Meisen said. “Our plan and our purpose isn’t to keep them here. We get them out of here by finding them new homes.”

 In 2008, several horse enthusiasts established DCFHR. Immediately, 13 starving and neglected horses were taken there.

It costs about $140 per month to properly nourish and care for each horse. DCFHR is a non-profit organization that runs completely on donations.

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