Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 13, 2014

Commissioners want Meigs council request

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — Thomas County commissioners are agreeable to giving the City of Meigs a surplus pursuit vehicle, but the chairman wants the request to come from the Meigs governing body.

A letter from Marsha G. Demoga, Meigs city manger, to commissioners requests a Crown Victoria from the sheriff’s surplus vehicles.

Commission Chairman Moses Gross said he is in favor of giving Meigs a car, but the request should come from Meigs City Council.

Other commissioners agreed.

After the meeting, Gross said a vehicle given to Meigs must first be declared surplus.

Demoga’s letter said Meigs has “a full police force at this time.”

“This would allow the police department to have more than one officer on duty on weekends and special events,” the letter said.