Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 21, 2014

Lieutenant governor visits downtown medical facilities

Susanne Reynolds

THOMASVILLE — Lt. Gov. Casey saw a mix of old and new during a stroll through Downtown Thomasville on Wednesday.

During one of his stops, Cagle visited Southland MD offices at 100 S. Madison St.

The Southland MD staff and representatives showed Cagle around and how they are benefiting the community with their services.

Southland is a physician-owned and operated group that provides emergency medicine, hospitalist and outpatient care to hospitals and health centers. It customizes management and staffing at their facilities to provide efficiency and meet the specific needs at the location. The goal is to provide the highest-skilled physicians and midlevels, and utilize the most proficient tools available.

Cagle considers the company innovative to the Thomasville area and beyond.

He said, “It’s an innovative company focused on the needs of patients with more affordable options. It will save a lot of money for insurance companies and also save the patients’ money. This is great to see an innovative company started in Georgia and committed to staying in a place like Thomasville.”

Cagle was also impressed with the MyIdealDoctor Telemedicine offices at 218 West Jackson St. MYidealDoctor was formed with the mission to use telemedicine to provide treatment for common and acute illnesses, with services available to businesses, individuals and families saving everyone time and money.

“ I love the fact ya’ll are downtown in an old building. These are the success stories and ya’ll are a part of that. It’s really exciting,” said Cagle.


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