Thomasville Times Enterprise

June 20, 2014

Cairo woman alerts car theft victim

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A Cairo woman’s concern about litter resulted in a Thomasville resident’s stolen car being found a few hours after it was taken.

The two-county episode began when a 2013 Subaru was stolen Tuesday night from a residence in the 1000 block of Gordon Avenue.

“The owner of the vehicle leaves a spare key in the console,” said Lt. Wade Glover, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division commander, adding that it is not known if the vehicle was locked.

Meanwhile, about 7:30 Wednesday morning, a Cairo resident saw two males throw paper from a vehicle in front of her house.

“She contacted the boys and told them to pick the trash up,” Glover said.

The males left quickly. The woman looked through the paper and found the vehicle owner’s business card. She called the woman, who was in the process of reporting the car theft to police.

“Within an hour, the vehicle was located near the Grady County Courthouse,” Glover explained.

Dedrick Parker, 17, 510 Old Albany Road, Apartment C-1, and Rodney Giddens 17, 510 Old Albany Road, Apartment A-4, were in the vehicle when it is found.

The teens are charged with theft by taking motor vehicle.

Glover said the Cairo woman’s reaction to the paper thrown from the vehicle and Grady authorities’ quick response were crucial in the quick capture of suspects and return of the car.

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