Thomasville Times Enterprise

April 7, 2014

City to test potential fireworks display sites tonight

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — Thomasville residents who live close to the downtown area might notice loud noises tonight.

Do not be alarmed. The city will not be under attack, but rather testing potential launch sites for future fireworks displays.

The test launches are being conducted as part of the City of Thomasville Main Street and Tourism’s initiative to provide a dynamic experience within Thomasville’s historic downtown area.

“We will be launching a very small amount of fireworks Tuesday night between 8 and 8:30,” said Karen Smith, Main Street & Tourism executive director.

According to Smith, the test launches are necessary to test for visibility.

“We are always looking to identify new and unique experiences that we can bring to the community,” she said. “As part of this experiment, we’ll be launching around eight or nine aerial fireworks to evaluate how visible they are from various locations in the area.”

Testing will take place behind North Lee and West Jefferson streets.

To ensure safety, streets and the area near the test site will be temporarily closed to public access.