Thomasville Times Enterprise

April 10, 2014

Williams elevated to police chief in Boston

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — Andra Williams has been named Boston police chief.

Williams, who has been with Boston Police Department for 15 months, has served in law enforcement for 15 years.

Williams was chosen from among four applicants for the job upon the retirement of Ferrell Howell, former Boston chief.

Williams served as interim chief until Boston City Council members named him chief.

“The council felt like he was the best choice,” Boston Mayor Danny Groover said.

Williams said he would like to see the police department and the city grow.

Two officers work with the chief.

Williams said he will have an open-door policy with Boston residents and visitors to the city.

The new chief will work with Howell to continue the Cops and Kids Academy in June.

Academy goals are to help participants be more aware of drug abuse and its consequences for families and friends, how to handle bullying, gang awareness, fire safety and bicycle safety, the chief said.