Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 16, 2013

No longer picturesque

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — Screen porches and glassed-in rooms afforded views of beautiful sunrises over serene Lake Eagle off Remington Avenue.

Rich, green lawns behind residences met the water’s edge. Bluebirds raised young in boxes near the lake.

The view and water are gone. The picturesque scene disappeared June 6, 2012, when extremely heavy rainfall caused the dam on the south end of the lake to break.

Lake Eagle water rushed into nearby Lake Cherokee.

Today, what was Lake Eagle is a big, deep pit of mud and overgrown weeds.

A large delegation representing the Silver Eagle Homeowners Association — made up of Lake Eagle homeowners — told the Thomasville City Council that because an emergency spillway was not constructed when the property was developed in 1994, heavy June rain caused the dam to be breached.

The city required the spillway and notified the developer, Acorn Properties Inc., the spillway had not been built.

James Cantrell, spokesman and homeowner, said Acorn has not responded to requests for repairs.

See Sunday's edition for more details.