Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 27, 2014

Food drive begins Saturday

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — Local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts will come together again on Saturday to start their annual Food Drive. Last year, the Scouts collected more than 6,000 pounds of food, a total they hope to match this year. The drive begins on Saturday and ends Feb. 8.   

On Saturday, the Scouts, leaders and parents go to selected neighborhoods in Thomasville and Thomas County and distribute food donation bags, along with an explanation note, to all the households in the neighborhood.

These bags are hung on the front doors of the homes. The note that goes with each bag explains who the scouts are, why they are asking for the food donation, where will the donation go, what types of food they are looking for,and when they will be back to pick up the bags.

On Feb. 8, Scouts will  go back to these neighborhoods, pick up the food donations and leave a thank you note. The Scouts will then take the food to the Thomas County Food bank to be weighed and received into the food bank.

Maryline Smith, director of The Thomas County Food Bank and Outreach Center, said she appreciates the help she gets this time of year from the Scouts and their food drive.

Smith points out as more and more families turn to the food bank for help, the bood fank turns to its sponsors and donators for more supplies.

Scouts want to do a good turn by meeting these needs and expectations. To do this, the Scouts turn to the local neighborhoods and community for the needed donations. 

The Scouts want to also remind the neighborhoods that a little healthy competition is a good thing.

Last year, Holly Springs neighborhood won the distinction of being the 2013 most generous neighborhood, averaging 4.12 pounds per household.

The Gordon Avenue, Polo Grounds, Junius and Millpond neighborhood came in second  with 2.72 pounds per household.   

Returning to the drive this year are Boy Scout Troop 302, newly sponsored by the Dillon Road Presbyterian Church; new Cub Scout Pack No. 302, which is also sponsored by the Dillon Road Presbyterian Church; Boy Scout Pack and Troop 309, sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Boy Scout Pack 316 and Troop 306, sponsored by First United Methodist Church; and Girl Scout Troops 40483 and 40588.

Overall, Scouts will be collecting food in the following Thomasville and Thomas County Neighborhoods, which represent more than 2,800 homes or households:     

Downtown Thomasville historic districts; Puzzle Lake; Magnolia Pond; Northwoods; Heards Ponds; Holly Springs; Pine Summit; Washington Street to Clay between Myrtle and Briarcliff; Sprindale Circle; Buckton Way; Patterson Still (Clay to Pinetree); Town Court; Tuxedo Drive area; Prestwick; Turnberry; Gordon; Millpond; Blackshear; Junius; Polo Grounds; A Place in The Woods; Polana; Pebble Creek; Tall Pines; Inwood Plantation; Ivy Hill; Mystic Pines; Spruce Pines; Spruce Lake Lane; Shallowbrook Farms; Mitchell Place; Summercreek; Covington Place; Lake Eagle; Lake Circle; East and West Club Drive; Fairways; Oak Trace; Kings Forest; Glen Arven; Sandra; Devereux; Hollywood; Wimbleton; High Colony; Tucwal; Claire; Fontaine; Strong; Partridge; Maury; Roundcrest; Palmetto; Myrtle; Tall Timbers Road and White Blossom Trail; Sweetbriar; Jordon Oaks; Wildwood Apartments; Lilliquin Drive; Lake Trace; and Cherokee Circle

Scouts ask that if you are not in one of the listed neighborhoods and would like donate, ome eat some pancakes with the boys from Scout Troop 306 at their annual fundraiser at Beef O Brady’s from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 8 and they will make sure your donation gets to the food bank.

After 9:30 a.m., donations can be taken to the Thomas County Food Bank on Broad Street until 3 p.m.

Scouting is an organization that helps build good character in our youth. It emphasizes a sense of pride in American and ones local community, good moral principles, duty to God and country, and service to the community and country, amongmany other things. A Scout pack or troops activities promote these values at every meeting in one way or another.

This Scouting for Food drive emphasizes service to our community for our young Scouts and opens their eyes to situations occurring in their own community they were probably not aware.