Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 30, 2014

Evidence submitted in homicide case

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — By Patti Dozier


THOMASVILLE — Crime lab findings are being awaited in the May 4 bludgeoning death of a Thomas County woman.

Sharlene Smith’s Steadman’s body was found about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, May 10, on the floor of her 142 Lady Bug Lane residence off Ga. 202 between Ochlocknee and Coolidge.

Evidence collected at the scene has been submitted to the state crime lab, said Lt. Tim Watkins, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office chief investigator.

Forensic evidence submitted includes clothing and tire impressions.

“We’re waiting for the reports to come back,” Watkins said.

A relative staying at the victim's residence became suspicious of a pre-dawn visitor, followed him to the front door and saw him leave.

When the relative turned on the light, he saw Steadman lying on the living room floor bleeding from her head and making snoring sounds.

  Because of a bad phone connection, the relative could not call 911 from the Steadman residence and went to a neighbor's to call for help.

  Thomas County Emergency Medical Service and sheriff's deputies responded at 2:30 a.m. Steadman was pronounced dead at Archbold Memorial Hospital.

  The visitor had gone to the relative's room and turned on the light. The relative identified the individual.

  While questioning the Steadman residence visitor the day of the death, it was learned the individual had an outstanding warrant for violation of parole.

  The man, who has been held at the Thomas County Jail since Steadman’s death on the parole violation, has not been charged in the death.

  “He was seen at the location,” Watkins explained.

  Others also were questioned as suspects. Investigators were able to verify their whereabouts.

  Neither Watkins nor Turner would divulge what type of weapon was used in the death. The weapon has not been recovered, Watkins said.

  A motive has not been established.

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