Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 15, 2014

Streets elected county BOE chair

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — The Thomas County Board of Education held its first meeting of the new calendar year Tuesday night.

Thomas County board policy does not allow an individual to serve as chair for more than four consecutive one-year terms. Since outgoing chairman Scott Morgan had served four years as chair, he was not eligible for re-election as chairman.

After the invocation, Morgan declared the position of chair and vice-chair vacant and asked for nominations for chair.

Charles Evans nominated Kay Streets to serve as chair. Evans, Derwood Hickey, Nancy Hiers and Streets voted in favor of the nomination, giving her the majority. Morgan declared Streets to be the new chair and turned the meeting over to her to conduct the remainder of the meeting.

Streets called for nominations for vice-chair. Streets then nominated Evans to serve as vice chair. Evans received votes from David Dawson, Derwood Hickey, Nancy Hiers and Kay Streets.

Streets has been a member of the board since 2004 and has the longest tenure of current members.

She previously chaired the board during the 2009 calendar year.

“I am honored to serve as chair alongside this group of board members. Our system is blessed with the best leadership you could ask for. I am expecting and looking forward to a very bright and positive year,” said Streets.

Evans began his service on the board in 2007.

He said, “I was humbled to be elected vice-chair, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve the board. I look forward to working closely with Mrs. Streets, the rest of the board and Dr. (Dusty) Kornegay for a successful year.”