Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 25, 2014

Energy services recognized in Cairo


THOMASVILLE — Monday evening at the Cairo City Council meeting, the Cairo Energy Services crew was recognized for their assistance in Sandersville during the winter storm, Pax—which brought ice, snow and chaos to the South.

During the winter storm, many Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) member utilities were impacted. While some were able to handle their outages internally—others required assistance from external resources.

 ECG, in cooperation with its members, quickly mobilized city electric utility crews across Georgia to the hardest hit areas. Cairo was sent to Sandersville.

Energy Services crew left for Sandersville on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and worked until about 5:30 a.m.— but that was only to take a shower and try to get a nap. Then they went back to work.

The crew worked until Saturday and then returned home.

Energy Services Director Rod Price said, “I’d never seen ice like that— but it was some extreme conditions and our guys did extremely well. Sandersville was very appreciative.

I’d much rather go help someone else than them have to come help us. We were glad to go.”

Chris Addleton, Cairo City Manager, commended the crew on an excellent job during the winter storm emergency.

“As I looked at some of the pictures— I’ve never seen ice like that on electric power lines. I just wanted to recognize the service you what the crew did,” he said.

The Cairo Energy Services also helped this past Friday during Thomasville’s storm. They helped in the area until midnight.

Price is proud to work with the crew.

He said, “I would just like to recognize them for being hardworking and dedicated employees.”