Thomasville Times Enterprise

September 23, 2013

MPMS ‘Paying It Forward’

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — MacIntyre Park Middle School’s mission last week was to put a different spin on anti-bullying campaigns.

Principal Keith Alan Hose implemented a “Pay It Forward” initiative for the week. It was a proactive step in the campaign against bullying.

The middle school students participated in a year-long program last year that taught bully awareness. This year, the school wanted to teach the students what to do instead of bullying.

Hose issued each grade a challenge to see which one could collectively perform the most “good deeds” in a week. The students had to be “caught” doing something good for someone to earn a “Bulldog Good Deed” ticket. Tickets were then posted on a gigantic temperature gauge, in correspondence with the grade level, in the front lobby.

As the week passed, the spirit in the building became contagious. Students started asking if they would be able to earn good deed tickets by performing good deeds in their community and neighborhoods. This initiative happened during the same week that a homeless found a backpack full of money in Boston, Mass., and turned it in expecting nothing in return.

A Montgomery, Ala., man was touched by the story and set up an account for others to financially contribute funds to the homeless man.

The MacIntyre Park Middle School students watched and discussed the story and they asked to keep the challenge going all month. The students want to challenge everyone in Thomasville to find someone to pay it forward to this month. They are excited to see the changes that could come from the initiative.

Hose said, “We are not only creating intelligent minds, we are building incredible character.”