Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 21, 2014

Bradshaw Central’s Teacher of Year

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — Thomas County Central High School has named its Teacher of the Year. The recipient for 2013-2014 is science teacher Meagan Bradshaw.

“It is an honor to recognize Mrs. Meagan Bradshaw as TCCHS 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year,” said Principal Ken Harper. “She is the most sincere, genuine and positive person, and it reflects in her teaching. Mrs. Bradshaw cares about the students and works hard to make sure every student succeeds. We’re blessed to have her teaching at our school.”

Teacher of the Year, or TOTY, is nominated by and voted upon by TCCHS teachers.

Bradshaw said to “have been thought of as a good teacher by my peers” makes the recognition a “big honor.”

The recipient also said any of the three finalists could have won.

“All the nominees help their students and excel in their profession,” Bradshaw said. “Everyone is a great teacher.”

Bradshaw, a teacher for 11 years with nine of those at TCCHS, has mostly taught Physical Science, along with some Biology.

“I like the exploration part of science,” she said of her subject. “It’s fun and interesting to learn about the world around us and how it works, to put those pieces together.”

Bradshaw graduated from Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge. She received her degree from the University of Georgia. Her first teaching job was in Conyers at Heritage High School. Then, she got married and her husband was transferred here from the Atlanta area.

“I’ve always known I wanted to be an educator,” the teacher said. “My mom was, so I kind of always felt like that was something for me. I enjoy seeing those moments when the kids get it, and I enjoy seeing the process of students growing from succeeding in small goals to the big tests and graduation.”

Student Samuel Gelabert, a 10th grader in one of Bradshaw’s Physical Science classes, said his teacher is “very organized” and is “proactive” whenever there is a question or issue.

“She gets it done,” he said. “You feel comfortable in her class, and she’s just a fun teacher.”

Bradshaw said TOTY is a reinforcement that she is in the right place.

“This honor reinforces that I’ll keep working hard and that this is the profession I am meant to be in,” she said.