Thomasville Times Enterprise

April 24, 2014

Kingston makes stop in Thomasville


THOMASVILLE —  U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston stopped at Thomasville Regional Airport en route to Atlanta Thursday after visiting Valdosta and Climax, bringing his 25-year old daughter, Ann Kingston, a government relations coordinator based in Washington, D.C., with him for the tour.

Kingston, a Republican candidate for Georgia U.S. senator, gave an update on his latest projects and aspirations, while also talking about the importance of South Georgia’s economy and industries.

“Thomasville and South Georgia are very important to our candidacy,” said Kingston, who has represented 41 counties in South Georgia.

He continued, “I’ve done a lot of agriculture and food policy — and of course with Thomasville being home to one of the nation’s greatest bakeries — that’s always part of the $76 billion industry we call agriculture in our state. It also includes direct farming, production farming, food-processing and food-serving.”

In Washington, D.C., and as Kingston travels statewide, he likes to remind people of his state’s largest industry — agriculture.

The congressman also has represented five out of the eight military installations in Georgia.

“They all fit into the Georgia economy, and that’s something I like to keep close tabs on,” said Kingston.

As someone who has been in the business world, Kingston believes the best way to help South Georgia and the entire state in creating jobs is to push back on some of the government regulations.

He said, “Whether it’s ObamaCare or some of the banks, we want to make sure the regulatory burden and regulatory instability is kept in check. I’m spending a lot of time on that issue.”

Kingston also is spending time on his belief in building the Keystone Pipeline to bring gas prices down.

“Bringing gas prices down would be good for rural and urban economies, as well. When the president was sworn in, gas was $1.90 per gallon and now it’s $3.64, but we should be about to keystone the pipeline,” said Kingston.

Another issue he touched on was deepening of the Savannah River. It is an issue that is very important to Kingston, because he is from Savannah.

He claimed 350,000 jobs relate to the Port of Savannah and the opportunity to sell Georgia manufactured good and products worldwide.

“Sixty-two percent of what happens in Savannah are exports, and it’s something that affects out entire economy. I hope we can get something done on that next month,” said Kingston.

The congressman and his daughter departed Thomasville Thursday afternoon to go to Atlanta to celebrate his birthday.

He said, “Today’s my birthday and what a wonderful place to be spending part of my birthday.”

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