Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 9, 2014

Roads, savings Poitevint concerns

Susanne Reynolds

THOMASVILLE — Billy Poitevint wants to serve Grady County citizens for four more years. He is the District 2 county commissioner.

Poitevint spread the credit for achievements during his first term.

“One member of the board can’t do the job alone. It takes all the members,” he said.

Recent road improvments include replacement of the bridge on Pleasant Grove Road, allowing school buses to safely cross. All county-maintained roads are very important to Poitevint, he said.

Poitevint said he has been encouraging  the road superintendent, Stanley Elkins, to d maintain roads and trim curbside weeds in order to conserve money.

“If we are able to maintain the roads, we will be able to get more years out of them. The rain has done a lot of damage to our roads and it’s important to repair them,” said Poitevint.

In 2013, Poitevint served as commission chairman. After the death of Rusty Moye, he also took on the duties of the county administrator for five months.

He said, “It was all to save the taxpayers money and not have to hire an interim. I helped to iron out the problem while saving money.”

Early this year, the commissioner and the county recreation department head, Becky Braswell, butted heads over the policies related to Barber Park.

“We are working on establishing a written policy rather than handling things orally. I have no qualms with Mrs. Braswell. I’m out to improve Barber Park and make it better,” said Poitevint.

Poitevint claimed to have received nothing but “glowing reports” since changes in concessions operations were made

Poitevint hals addressed Tired Creek concerns. Bonds were used to pay for the dam. He wants to make sure the money is paid back.

In addition, he wants to see amenities develop around the lake that will bring in revenue for the county. These amenities include an aquatic center and RV park.

“These amenities can be used to support the county to keep taxes down and still have a nice facility at the lake,” said Poitevint.

Poitevint is willing to stand on his record.

He said, “If the people of District 2 feel I have represented them well, I would like for them to vote for me. But if not, vote for one of the other two candidates. You don’t vote for the people with the most money, influence or signs in yards. That’s one of the problems with state and federal elections.”

Poitevint said he just wants to contribute to Grady County’s success.

“If you ride the district like you should and report to the county, you’ll take money out of your pocket to serve the county,” added Poitevint.

Reporter Susanne Reynolds can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1826.