Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 9, 2014

Powell touts 'decision-making skills'

Susanne Reynolds

THOMASVILLE — Richard Powell wants to lend his business experience to the Grady County Commission. He is seeking the District 2 seat.

Powell has operated his own consultant business for the past 20 years. His believes this experience has furnished him tools to administer county government.

“My interest is to look after the financial interest of the taxpayers,” said Powell.

If he is elected, he plans to bring a higher level of professionalism to the board.

Powell also wants to focus on the Tired Creek Lake project.

He said, “The lake project will entail lots of issues down the road, some of which we don’t know about yet.

“I have decision-making skills to bring,” he explained.

In 1981, Powell moved to Grady County from Mitchell County. He considers himself pretty close to being a native of the county.

He said, “It’s now my home. I would handle the county’s business just as if it were my own business. I’m honored to serve and put myself out there to serve the county.”

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