Thomasville Times Enterprise

October 15, 2013

Handel: People are owed an Obamacare delay

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A bigger issue than the government shutdown is a lack of leadership in the nation’s capital, according to a Republican candidate for Georgia U.S. senator.

“The proposals change virtually every minute,” Senate candidate Karen Handel, describing congressional politics swirling around the shutdown.

“A delay on Obamacare is no longer being discussed,” Handel told a Tuesday meeting of the Thomas County Republican Party. “If that will come back or not, I don’t know.”

“At a minimum, people are owed a one-year delay on the (Obamacare) mandate,” Handel told local Republicans.

Lawmakers have lost sight of their real jobs, which is to solve problems, she said.

Handel sees “gross hypocrisy” in Washington. It’s no wonder, she said, that people have lost faith in national-level leaders.

She said that if the federal government can tell Americans what health care is, it also can also tell citizens what health care is not — “and that is a very scary thing.”

When “Hillarycare” derailed, Republicans did not pursue what health care should be, the staunch prolife proponent explained.

Handel said lawmakers must be bold and driven to protect the relationship between doctor and patient.

By less than 2,500 votes, the former Georgia secretary of state lost a gubernatorial bid to Gov. Nathan Deal in a 2009 runoff election.

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