Thomasville Times Enterprise

December 29, 2012

Hammock thankful for support

Brooks Tennyson

MOULTRIE —  Haley Hammock gave birth to daughter Kate on a Tuesday, celebrated her daughter Gracie’s fifth birthday the next day and suffered a massive brain bleed on that Sunday night. That was in September 2011, and Haley has made a remarkable recovery. Her doctor says it’s miraculous.

When the “Pray for Haley” signs went up in Colquitt County, residents responded to the call. The 32-year-old’s family says those prayers have been answered. Two thousand signs were posted last year and 1,600 T-shirts were printed.

“It has taken everybody. Everybody took care of this family,” says Janet Hammock, Haley’s mother-in-law.

The praying started before the signs went up. In her daily prayers now Gracie still says “Thank you God for making my mama better.” Haley continues to receive cards and well wishes from folks in Colquitt and Thomas counties, many from people she had never known before she suffered the brain bleed.

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