THOMASVILLE — Archbold officials reported Tuesday there have been 187 new COVID-19 positive test results over the last week, Over the past week, the system has had 635 new negative results. Forty-nine people have been admitted to Archbold hospitals in the last week for COVID-19. The system recorded seven deaths from COVID-19 in the last week.

As of Tuesday, there were 43 COVID-19 positive patients at Archbold Memorial Hospital, seven at Grady General Hospital, two at Mitchell County Hospital and none at Brooks County Hospital. There are no COVID-19 positive patients at Northside Center for Behavioral and Psychiatric Care.

Archbold also is reporting there are no COVID positive patients at Glenn-Mor Nursing Home. There is one at Pelham Parkway Nursing Home and there are 32 COVID-19 positive patients at Mitchell Convalescent Center.

COVID-19 testing is available at Archbold’s site on Pinetree Boulevard. You must have a physician’s order to be tested at that site. To schedule a testing appointment with the Health Department, call (229) 352-6567 or visit

Archbold is not able to offer COVID-19 vaccines to the community at this time. Vaccines for individuals over age 65 are available at the Thomas County Health Department. To make an appointment to receive a vaccine, call (229) 352-6567.

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