THOMASVILLE — With COVID-19 bearing down on the community, the traditional Family Connection Back-To-School Blitz will not be so traditional this year.

For 13 years, more than 2,500 students and parents have converged annually at Thomas County and Thomasville City schools to receive back-to-school supplies and information. 

Tabling the event this year was discussed.

"Our goal is to help students and parents be prepared for the upcoming school year with supplies and resources," said Kathy Megahee, Thomas County Family Connection executive director. "We're talking 2,600 to 2,700 parents and students coming through. The Blitz is a jump-start."

The event alternates locations annually between Thomas County Central High School and Thomasville High School. This year, the event was scheduled to be held at THS. 

Megahee said Blitz organizers realized in June they must have a new plan if it was to happen.

Last year's sponsors were asked if they were willing to help provide funding for a new type of Blitz.

"We do have money pouring in," Megahee said. 

Sponsor donations will be divided between the two school systems, and each system will distribute the supplies. 

"Both superintendents are on board," Megahee said.

Blitz vendors give away school supplies and provide resource information for parents.

CNSNext has always donated bags for school supplies and will again this year.

Donated school supplies should be delivered to school system warehouses.

Julia Bailey, in charge of Thomasville City Schools federal programs, said school supplies should be delivered to the city school system warehouse, 915 E. Jackson St., Monday through Thursday, from 9 to 11 a.m.

School supplies also may be delivered to the Thomas County Schools warehouse at 200 N. Pinetree Blvd., in the stadium parking lot, Monday through Thursday, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Vendors and individuals may deliver to school warehouses.

"If somebody comes to me for school supplies, I will get it done," said Melinda Samuel, who oversees the city school system parent engagement and coordination.

Bob Dechman, in charge of county school system federal programs, said teachers know students and their needs.

"Teachers are the best sources about school needs, including clothing," Dechman said.

Said Bailey, "Both school systems are prepared to assist families with additional school supplies where needed. Both school systems anticipate a higher than average need by our families for school donations. The Blitz will help offset children's needs. Schools provide basic supplies and can supply for any child in need."

Monetary donations may be made by checks made payable to Thomas County Department of Family and Children Services for Family Connection Back-To-School Blitz.

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