THOMASVILLE — Archbold Medical Center officials reported there are now six positive COVID-19 test results from their facilities.

Archbold-administered test results have come back with 42 negative results. 

Two patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 are at home. Four patients are being treated at Archbold Medical Center.

There are 122 patients waiting home for their test results, according to Archbold.

No positive test results have been returned so far from those tested at the Archbold screening site on Pinetree Boulevard. Ten negative results have been come back, and 86 others are awaiting results.

There have not been any positive test results for patients at Grady General Hospital yet, but one patient is waiting on a COVID-19 test result. Three patients at Mitchell County Hospital are waiting on test results. No patient at Brooks County Hospital has had a positive test result or is waiting on a result.

No patients at Glenn-Mor Nursing Home have had a positive test result and none are waiting on any test results to come back, according to Archbold. There also have not been positive test results to date for anyone at Mitchell County Convalescent or Pelham Parkway Nursing Home. One patient at Mitchell County Convalescent is waiting on a test result and 15 at Pelham Parkway Nursing Home are awaiting their test results.

Archbold is converting its COVID-19 screening site to a drive-through site, effective Thursday, March 26. Testing will continue to conducted only through a physician’s referral.

The screening site will remain at 2705-D East Pinetree Blvd., but patients now will drive through for screening behind the building, entering the screening line off Pinetree near Sonic. A clinician will approach the vehicle and perform the screening swab while the patient remains in their vehicle.

Archbold officials also said they have received inquiries from the community on how people can address supply shortages hospitals face. Archbold will be launching an opportunity for volunteers to help make procedure masks and N-95 mask covers using pre-made kits that will be assembled at the hospital with water-resistant material and instructions from Archbold. 

Archbold officials said they will share more details and points of contact when ready. 

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