THOMASVILLE — The future of this year's Georgia high school spring sporting events will be discussed Friday between Georgia High School Association Executive Director Robin Hines and the GHSA's Associate Directors. 

The GHSA first recommended on March 13 that all athletic events in Georgia be suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic and extended that suspension through April 6 following Monday's mandate from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp that there not be gatherings of 10 people or more. This includes schools and related sporting events.

Thomas County Central Athletic Director Sam Holland confirmed Friday's GHSA meeting.

“All (Hines) said in his email that he sent out to us (Tuesday) was, all we can do is go on the information that we've been given,” said Holland, whose school is scheduled to be out for spring break from April 6-10. 

The earliest Central would return to class is April 13. 

“At that time, we'll abide by the requests of our governor and the GHSA,” Holland said.

Holland refused to speculate about what options might be on the table for the GHSA.

“We're going to have to wait and see what comes out of the meeting on Friday, the GHSA and the different scenarios that they come up with,” Holland said. “Everything's all speculation until we get further into this. As difficult as it might be, we've got to put the athletes and our fans, their safety first.”

Holland has talked with other athletic directors and coaches in Region 1-AAAAA about the parameters of what a return to sports action would potentially look like and emphasized that the players wouldn't be thrust back into games right away.

“You'd have to have a minimum of a week of, in football they call it acclimatization, but they'd have to have a minimum of a week to get back into even remotely game competition shape,” Holland said. “That's just (based off a) discussion with other athletic directors and coaches. We're trying to play the game of what would it take?

“A minimum of a week and at that point, we're still putting athletes in a situation where they could be injured. You have a guy who's a baseball pitcher who comes out and throws mid-80s but hasn't thrown consistently. He tries to rare back and he could put his future career in danger by messing up his shoulder.”

The regular season for baseball is slated to end April 18. The regular season for soccer is scheduled to end April 16.

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