THOMASVILLE — Archbold Medical Center now has four positive test results for COVID-19, hospital officials said Monday.

The hospital also has received 28 negative test results. 

Three of the positive test results are being treated at Archbold Medical Center. Ten patients at the hospital are waiting on test results. One of the positive test results came from an outpatient whose test came through the Archbold system. 

There are 41 patients tested at the Archbold screening site awaiting results. Eight results from the screening site have come back as negative. Those patients waiting for their test results from the screening site will be notified by their primary care provider.

Seven patients at Grady General Hospital also are awaiting test results. Eight patients at Mitchell County Hospital are waiting on results, as are five patients at Brooks County Hospital. There have been no positive test results to date from any of those facilities.

For those who have tested positive for COVID-19, Archbold officials said releasing their gender, ages and other personal information would be a violation of federal patient privacy laws.

Also, effective immediately, the Archbold Home Care Store will be curbside service only. Patients can drive to the front of the store and a staff member will come out and meet them. For CPAP supplies or oxygen tank refills, patients should call (229) 228-5886 to place orders. A store representative will call when the order is available to pick up. 

In addition, Archbold Pinetree Pharmacy is now drive-through only. 

Archbold also is discontinuing elective services until further notice. Patients with scheduled procedures will be individually notified if their appointment needs to be postponed. Only medically urgent or emergent procedures and services will continue. 

Archbold has begun temporarily suspending visitation at all Archbold facilities, with very limited exceptions. If there is a confirmed COVID-19 inpatient, no visitation of that patient will be allowed. 

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