A new religion has sprouted, and some of us have been its staunchest proponents.

The new religion is pretty chameleon like, mimicking Christianity in many ways, though its members would deny this, thinking of themselves, for the most part, as being liberated from Christianity’s tenets. For example: “Love thy neighbor as thyself” becomes “We will tell you which neighbors to love (and which to hate), and if you wish to be a part of our group, you must do as we say, not necessarily as we, the ones with the power, do.”

And 10 percent of your income into your church’s treasury becomes, in the new religion’s law, 50 percent or more to the federal government, to be dispersed by the “clergy” of the new religion: those in positions of power. (Of course, some individual recipients of the largess are excused from tax contributions, and may continue to be, so as long as they do as they are told, and vote “right.”)

Meanwhile, the buddy system operates as usual, and anyone who appears to be a member of the new religion can tap into the treasure house in Washington: the new “Rome.”

“You have an idea for solar panels that will save the planet? Great! And idea for a $60,000 car that will use electricity and create jobs? What! You have decided that the jobs being created will be in China. Well, no matter. We know your intentions were good. Here, take these millions, and if we need more than we can get by taxation, no problem: we’ll just agitate until the debt limit is once again raised, and borrow more! For, you see, in our new ‘non-religion religion,’ we will not, old fashionably, be confused with facts and the lessons of the past. It is our firm belief that — no matter what history shows — our methods must produce good results, and any facts to the contrary are simply propaganda introduced by bad people who don’t understand how wonderfully kind we are — to those who accept our dictates, and how devastating to all who oppose us.” (Yet, how satanic has been the devastation caused by the dictates of the new religionist!)

So, anti-religion has become the new religion; and worship of God replaced by its congregation’s worship of itself, earthy power and its newest anointed one.

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” — Goethe

Jack Pope



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