“Once again, Walter Williams is right. We are the idiots for listening to these so-called intellectuals who get on talk shows and spread their nutty ideas. Then, we set by and let our government enact them. Somebody isn’t thinking somewhere or taking any action, and it’s probably us.”

“Memorial Day is to remember those who never came home or came home in coffins. Veterans Day is the day to honor those who came home alive.”

“The Tea Party has stated it wishes to overthrow our government. It has made death threats against Obama. Its members should be jailed for treason and hate crimes.”

“Closing Southwestern State Hospital is huge mistake. This is not in the best interest of our community, the patients or the 700 employees losing a job.”

“Thank you to our state representatives and senators for fighting to keep Southwestern State Hospital open! You forgot you are not elected to follow the party line or do what Atlanta wants. You are supposed to stand up for us! You ought to be ashamed!”

“I am not the original ranter, but the challenge about Bush is easy enough. He claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Now we know that was false. Chances are he knew it was false then. There are no credible intelligence reports to back that assumption up. I'm not an Obama fan at all, but I'm sick and tired of people acting like the faults of this current administration are new or unique. Sadly, all the presidential administrations in recent memory have had similar scandals.”

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