THOMASVILLE — Thomasville City Schools board members adopted a tentative millage rate of 18.611 at a called board meeting Tuesday morning.

The rate is the rollback rate and the city schools will take in less in property tax revenue than last year, according to schools finance director Bo Rosser. The school system, based on the tax digest, will receive nearly $150,000 less in property tax revenue.

The reason, Rosser told board members, is more companies filed for Freeport exemptions this year than did last year, resulting in about a $9 million increase in the amount of exemptions for 2019.

“That is the primary driver in why our revenue is decreasing by $148,000,” he said.

Because of the June payment holiday school systems received for the employer portion of health care, the system had a savings of more than $400,000.

“That is going to offset the revenue deduction,” Rosser said.

The tentative millage rate is a reduction from the 2018 rate of 18.815. The net digest fell by about $650,000 from $668.4 million to just under $667.8 million.

School board members have approved a $28.77 million general budget. Rosser also said the school system’s fund balance is expected to be better than anticipated originally.

“I was pretty conservative when I presented the budget,” he said.

The final approval of the millage rate will take place at the school board’s August 27 meeting. From there, it will go to the Thomasville City Council. Once the city council approves the school board’s millage rate, tax bills will go out.

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