THOMASVILLE — Thomassville City Schools board members approved a millage rate of 18.422 at a special called meeting Friday morning.

The millage rate is down from 18.611 approved for 2019.  The millage rate was as high as 18.815 in 2018.

The approved millage rate is expected to bring in more than $12.6 million in property taxes, up for $12.4 million for 2019. The city’s digest is valued at more than $684 million, up more than $16 million from 2019.

The net digest has grown by $36 million since 2015.

City schools board members approved last month a fiscal year 2021 budget that calls for $26.74 million in revenue and nearly $26.2 million in expenditures. 

The 2020-21 academic year will begin September 8.

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