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Students in Joy Knop’s Scholars Academy class wear their blue and show off their pinwheels as part of Child Abuse Prevention Month. The class has teamed with Never Lost to sell pinwheels.

THOMASVILLE — When Joy Knop was looking for a project her Scholars Academy leadership class students could invest themselves in, she found a perfect match with Never Lost.

The students are selling pinwheels for $1 each, with the proceeds going to Never Lost and against the effort to prevent child abuse. 

“I was looking for something we could do, and limit contact,” Knop said, acknowledging the need for social distancing. 

The mother of one of her students is on the Never Lost board of directors.

“We’ve taken it and run with it,” Knop said.

Statistics show one in five children will suffer some sort of abuse or neglect. For her class of 23, that means the odds are at least four of them either have or will face that situation. 

“You could be helping your peers and not know it,” Knop said. “It hit home with them.”

Pinwheels also help serve as a symbol for childhood, and the students created a pinwheel garden in front of Scholars Academy.

The effort also has tapped into their competitive spirit, according to Knop.

“The kids are going nuts over it,” she said. “They are competing to see how many they can sell.”

By Good Friday, students had sold more than 250 and they still have more than two weeks left in the campaign. 

All the money raised is staying the community, Knop pointed out. That means the pinwheels sold will go to help kids within the community.

“They need to see and hear this,’ she said. “They long for something to be a part of and I can’t think of anything better for them to be a part of their community and their peers.”

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