TCMS students become World War II kids

Submitted photoDr. Annette Laing instructs Zion Jones how to dress as an Air Raid Precaution Warden complete with a gas mask.

Author of “The Snipesville Chronicles” series, Dr. Annette Laing, recently visited the Thomas County Board of Education Auditorium where she took Thomas County Middle School students back in time. Her presentation titled “Could You Be a WWII Kid?” was extremely informative and engaging for the more than 450 sixth-grade students who attended.  

Students had the opportunity to experience air raids and dress as an Air Raid Precaution (ARP) Warden, as well as learn about the lives of children during and after the war. More than 100 students purchased Laing’s first book in the series, titled Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When.  

One student, Nathan Jarrett, said that his favorite part of the presentation was learning about the children. 

“It was sad to see all of those children in the foster homes,” Jarrett said when referring to all of the children displaced or who became orphaned.

Dr. Laing said that she does the presentations because she “wants to inspire students to find their passion and to enjoy reading and learning.”  

Timothy Watson, another sixth-grade student, said that his favorite part of the presentation was “when Dr. Laing explained how she wrote the books.”  

Dr. Laing told students that she based the characters on people she had met and encountered in her life. She encouraged students to make life interesting by becoming writers. 

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