An independent filmmaker with ties to Thomasville was in the area looking for a few local jewels this week.

Lynn Blackwell Denton spent a few days in the Thomasville area to meet with members of the business community and scout locations for her upcoming project, “Pearl.”

“I’ve been renewing some acquaintances and doing further research with locations,” she told the Times-Enterprise Friday.

Denton, also a visual artist for 40 years, describes the film, a period piece, as “a romantic drama” about “a young woman’s journey toward selfhood in the period between Reconstruction and Women’s Suffrage in Georgia” whose story “embodies the struggle of the South as people began to see themselves differently.”

“It’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ meets ‘Working Girl,’” she said.

Denton, a resident of Philadelphia, Pa., is a graduate of Agnes Scott College in Decatur and her family settled the land that is now Labrah Plantation, later sold to the Archbold family in the 1880s.


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