THOMASVILLE — Ensuring animals are not hungry and that they are warm and healthy are among the reasons some local children undertook raising money for the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society.

Coins for Critters raised more than $1,000, an amount that will be matched by TC Federal Bank.

First Baptist Church preschool raised $1,056.87, said Teresa Singletary, preschool director.Anniston Denmark’s 13-member class at First Baptist raised $395. 

“Their class was adamant about winning,” Singletary said. “They wanted to help the animals.”

Brenna Wilson, 9, and her brother, Phen Wilson, 11, students in the Thomas County School System, donated to the cause.

Phen wants to ensure shelter animals “do not go hungry.”

Said his sister, “I love animals and to think people are leaving them in the cold, it’s just sad.”

The Wilson children have cats and dogs. They wanted to take a shelter puppy home Thursday morning, but were not optimistic their mother would allow it.

DeAngela Lewis, Harper Elementary School parent coordinator, said children participating in the animal-related fundraiser learn compassion, empathy, a love of animals and that their efforts will help decrease animal cruelty.

Harper students raised $519.17 for Coins for Critters, to which children donated coins.

“Some kids brought in their piggy banks,” Lewis said, adding that some students donated their lunchtime ice cream money.

Zyjordan Wynn, 10, a Cross Creek Elementary School student, raised $12. Wynn has six dogs, three ducks and too many mini-chickens to count.

When asked why he donated to Coins for Critters, the child said, “I do not want the animals to be sick and die.”  

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