Alan Carson

Alan Carson

THOMASVILLE — When Thomasville’s new city manager designee and city council concur on a contract, the subject will be considered for final council approval.

Alan Carson, currently city manager in Lexington, North Carolina, accepted the city manager position and said earlier he plans to assume city manager duties here in early January.

“(Mr.) Carson wants a binding contract,” city attorney Tim Sanders told city council members at a Wednesday meeting.

The contract draft, acquired by the Times-Enterprise through an open records request, calls for Carson to begin work no later than Jan. 7, 2019. The contract is for an initial two years of employment to end Jan. 6, 2021, and be automatically renewed for three years.

The contract draft calls for Carson’s initial salary to be $190,000. On July 1, 2019, the city manager’s salary would increase by 5 percent to $199,500. Beginning July 1, 2020, the salary would increase by 5 percent annually.

The city manager would be entitled to the highest level of benefits available to other employees, according to the contract draft, with the employer to pay premiums for health, hospitalization, surgical, vision, dental and comprehensive medical insurance short-term and long-term disability and life insurance.

The contract provides six weeks of annual paid leave and four weeks of paid sick leave. Upon beginning employment, Carson would receive 80 hours of paid leave for time related to relocating and moving to relocating.

The contract calls for the city manager to establish a permanent residence inside the city limits within one year, beginning in January.

Carson would receive $1,500 for renting temporary housing in the city.

Also provided in the contract is $500 a month as a vehicle allowance to purchase lease, own, operate and maintain a vehicle.

An allowance of $200 monthly would be provided for a smart phone for business and personal use required for the city manager to perform his duties.

If Carson voluntarily resigns from his position, the contract calls for him to provide 90 days notice, unless the city manger and city agree otherwise.

Carson would be enrolled in the city retirement plan, and the employer would make appropriate contributions on the city manager’s behalf.

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