Brad Shealy

Southern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Brad Shealy

THOMASVILLE — A date has not been set for trying the case of a suspended Thomasville City Council member, but late July is a possibility, according to the Southern Judicial Circuit district attorney.

Gov. Brian Kemp suspended Greg Hobbs, District 1 council member and mayor, after Hobbs was indicted in February on city-related charges.

Hobbs was indicted on three counts of violation of oath by public officer, two counts of making a false statement and one count of false report of a crime. The charges are related to an alleged forged signature on a payroll document.

“We will get it tried as quickly as we can,” District Attorney Brad Shealy said. “They do normally have trials the last week of July in Thomasville.”

The district attorney said that if the case is not tried before the first Monday in October — the end of the current court term — Hobbs would return to city council with charges pending. “But he will still be tried,” Shealy said.

As in any case, a workable plea is possible at any time, he added.

Shealy said Superior Court judges James E. “Jim” Hardy and Harry Jay Altman, both residents of and based in Thomasville, have recused themselves from hearing the Hobbs case. Three other Southern Circuit judges can hear the case, he said.

Hobbs did not respond to a request for a comment about a possible trial date. Neither did he respond to questions about whether he plans to take the case to trial or enter a plea.

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