Coronavirus case updates

ATLANTA — Georgia reported an additional 3,373 COVID-19 cases Wednesday.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health's daily status report, the state has reported 178,323 coronavirus cases and 3,642 deaths. 

That's up from 175,052 cases and 3,563 deaths Tuesday.

As of Wednesday, 17,964 Georgians have been hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic and 3,301 admitted to intensive care units. 

The state reported 420 new hospitalizations Wednesday.

The state has conducted more than 1.51 million viral tests and is reporting a 10.8% positive rate.

More than 217,000 Georgians have had antibody tests conducted — that show past signs of infection — with the state reporting a 6.3% positive rate.

Georgians ages 18 to 29 are now the prominent age group for reported infections, while Georgians ages 50 and older still report significantly more deaths.