THOMASVILLE — A teen charged here and in Florida with numerous firearm thefts remains in custody, while four others were released.

Those released — ages 14-16 — are in home confinement and wearing ankle monitors. The juveniles have been housed at state juvenile facilities since their arrests earlier this month.

During a Tuesday hearing, Thomas County Juvenile Court Judge Stephen Andrews released the four teens to their parents.

The teens are charged in an April burglary at a Tallahassee sporting goods store where 44 firearms were stolen. Suspects are charged with 44 counts of burglary.

Federal agents contacted local law enforcement agencies the day of the burglary and said it was believed burglars were Thomasville residents.

A manhunt began, and nine suspects, all Thomasville residents, eventually were apprehended.

Before 16-year-old Amin Flyzell Clark was arrested, a Thomas County Superior Court judge ruled the teen's identity could be released, although he was not 17, the age in Georgia an individual is no longer considered a minor. The judge's ruling came as a result of Clark's juvenile criminal record, according to local law enforcement officers.

Clark was captured at the Archbold Memorial Hospital emergency room when he sought medical treatment.

Capt. Tim Watkins, Thomas County Sheriff's Office chief investigator, said an effort is underway to prosecute Clark as an adult.

Leon County authorities filed a petition in Circuit Court to prosecute Clark as an adult, Watkins said.

Clark is charged in Leon County with 44 counts of grand theft, armed burglary and possession of a weapon by a delinquent. 

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