TIFTON — Dr. Cameron and Dr. Margaret Nixon, along with friends, family and supporters, broke ground on a new venture, Towne Center Lofts, on Sept. 6.

The site of Towne Center Lofts, which is located at 501 South Main St., had been sitting on the market, empty and battered, until about a year and a half ago.

“We’ve been in this area for about 15 years,” Margaret Nixon said. “One of the things we fell in love with was the downtown and how charming it is. We’ve really watched it grow and develop over the years and wanted to be involved in that process somehow.”

She said that they were looking for a building to fix up and give new life to when they were shown the location.

“I loved the concrete floors,” she said. “I loved the brick walls, I loved the space, the high ceilings, the garage doors. I loved that feel. I thought it would be a great live, work, play kind of area. You’re close to downtown. You’re close to the shops. You’re close to the restaurants, and then you can live right here too. I was just so inspired by it. It had been sitting here on the market for awhile and looked kind of forgotten and sad. I just fell in love with it and saw it for what it could be.”

She said that when turning the series of buildings, which have served a variety of purposes over the years, into living spaces, they want to take care to preserve the historic charm of the buildings while adding modern amenities to the seven units.

“We’ll have four two-bedroom units, one one-bedroom unit and two studio units,” she said. “I think these will be good for anybody. A single person will feel great here. We’ve got two-bedroom units, so a married couple or a couple with kids could be there. I have one unit that is handicapped accessible, so someone who may be downsizing and want to move downtown, that will be available. We want them to be available for anybody.”

Nixon said that the handicapped accessible unit is exciting to have, since most of the existing living spaces downtown are only accessible by climbing stairs.

“Everything here is ground floor,” she said.

The groundbreaking was attended by members of the community eager to get a look inside before construction starts.

“I’m humbled by this response and this show of support from the community,” Nixon said. “We really feel blessed. God has really put the right people in the right position along this course.”

She said that they are planning to start construction by the end of September and are hoping to have the project completed between March and June 2020.

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