THOMASVILLE — Thomasville Police are continuing to investigate what led to a reported fatal shooting Friday afternoon at Feinberg and Lester streets.

Derylmaize Jackson, 18, was turned over to authorities without incident Friday evening and has been charged with shooting and killing Tanzania Rashawn Cooper, 21, of Bainbridge. A second man, David McNair of Bainbridge, was shot in the hip and taken to Archbold Memorial Hospital for treatment.

“Investigators made contact with his family members, and they brought him in to avoid any other incident,” said Maj. Wade Glover, Thomasville Police public information officer.

Law enforcement is continuing to process evidence found in the case and to determine what turned a meeting into an argument and then into a shooting.

“Mr. Jackson is suspected of pulling out a gun and shooting both victims,” Glover said. 

McNair was a passenger in the car and after he was wounded, he got out of the car and made his way to a nearby house, according to police. There, he made contact with the residents, who then called 911.

No weapon has been recovered yet. Glover said the shooting is an isolated incident. 

Jackson is being held in the Thomas County Jail on one count of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

The shooting is also a tragedy, Glover said.

“We as a community need to come together to prevent such tragedies from occurring again,” he said. “This is more than a law enforcement issue. This is a community issue. We need leaders in our community to step up and work closely with law enforcement to educate our young men about gun violence. Two families have been affected, and our whole community has been affected by this tragedy.”

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