I was at a wedding this past weekend and a relative of the bride’s family came up to me to tell me she reads my columns. I am very thankful for the encouragement that comes when I know that after all these years people are still reading my column! Then this dear sister in Christ said, “When are we going to have the revival you have been writing about?”

Personally, I think the first drops of revival rain have already been falling in different parts of our nation. I have been reading reports from around the country and am very encouraged. If you read or listen to much of the nightly news, you would think this country was beyond the point of no return as far as us continuing as a nation that was founded by God-fearing men. I think the enemy has pulled out all of his evil plans in a last ditch effort to overthrow this godly experiment — one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Other than the nation of Israel, God has intervened more in the affairs of men in the USA than any other country that has ever existed. We are the only other country that was founded on Biblical principles to govern our lives and offer us the freedoms that our constitution guarantees. No wonder one of the biggest attacks on our young republic is to undermine and devalue the Constitution.

For almost 300 years, the Lord has answered the fervent prayers of a righteous remnant of believers from every expression of Christendom. Although previous awakenings and revivals have not permanently changed our culture, I believe we are so close to the end of this age that what many have believed for is eminent. A billion soul harvest that will change the landscape, not of just the United States, but the far reaches of the world, has begun! 

Perhaps it had to get so dark that when the light of the gospel began to shine, it will be obvious what the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ is all about. No more grey areas or shadows but light and darkness so that each person can choose to whom they will align themselves.

I am heading for Kentucky this week to participate in what I believe will be a fire-starter for many of us who have been crying out for what has been expected in these last days. Over the last 30 years, I have been able to participate in a number of very powerful seasons of visitation. 

For me it started in Scotland in the mid 1990s when I went to visit friends who had come to our small fellowship back in the 1970s. They had already experienced a powerful visitation and were traveling around the world to share the glory of their experience that has touched the lives of probably millions over the last 50 years. 

I had a fresh encounter with the Lord that took me from being somewhat complacent and lukewarm, to a fire in my spirit that has never been quenched. The hunger for more of what I experienced then has caused me to travel to a number of other “hot spots” in our country when fresh fire and visitation was poured out.

I have written along these lines many times over the years I have been privileged to write this weekly column but the subject never grows old for me. I have studied revival for many years and each time I read about how the Lord intervened in the affairs of mankind, I am renewed in my quest to experience a fresh encounter with the Lord personally as well as to see others awakened and their lives transformed by the power of God.

A few of us have been meeting weekly for that very purpose. We are from different fellowships and welcome anyone who is willing to spare an hour or so a week specifically to pray for the Lord to come to Thomasville with a mighty outpouring of His Spirit. We have been expectant and fully believe that the Lord wants to come here and manifest His glory in ways that we have yet to experience but have read and heard about. I know that there are other pockets of hungry people who have faithfully been praying for the same thing. We may not ever meet or meet together on this side, but our combined prayers and intercession does not go unnoticed or unheeded by the Lord.

He is coming here and when He does, I pray that you will have prepared your heart for Him. If you have been discouraged or focused on all of the negative things that continue to escalate, turn your attention to the Lord and begin to receive hope for what He has declared is coming. Refuse to only look at the “facts” but look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He already paid the ultimate price for our victory and we can choose to focus upon Him or we can stay focused on everything that will destroy faith and hope for the future.

If you look at church history, you will notice that there has always been adversity and even persecution in the midst of revival and awakening. Not everyone is going to respond properly and it may be that some of your own family, friends or coworkers may not accept this outpouring. You will have to make a choice as to how you will personally respond. I am praying for all of my family and friends to respond positively to this awakening, but if they do not, I will not compromise or turn back. Remember that this period of what we call time here on earth is only a small part of our life for eternity. What we have to look forward to far outweighs any short term persecution or adverse consequences.

If you are not “hungry” for what I have been describing, ask yourself why? Most Sunday mornings I fast from food until after church. I am a big breakfast eater, so I am hungry by the time church starts. When my tummy reminds me, it is my way of remembering how hungry I am for God. It is a very small thing but whatever it takes for you to get “hungry” for God, be willing to do that until your desire for Him becomes more important than the very food you eat.

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