CofC John B. Gordon Chapter 840 members had the opportunity to learn historical information about people who played a strategic part for the South during the WBTS at their meeting.

Jefferson Finis Davis was the first and only president of the CSA. He was a planter, politician and soldier born in Kentucky and raised in Mississippi. The children learned that Davis had a distinguished military record and an extensive experience in political affairs. In addition to Davis, other Southern heroes were discussed.

But, of course, they were excited to learn about Gen. Robert E. Lee, commander for the CSA. Lee is well known for his good character and is quoted as saying “If you have any fault to find with anyone, tell him, not others, of what you complain; there is no more dangerous experiment than that of undertaking to be one thing before a man’s face and another behind his back.”

The CofC chapter is an auxiliary of John B. Gordon Chapter 383 UDC.

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