Largest Fall For Art Show opens Saturday at Lapham-Patterson House

Submitted photoLinda Greaves, whose artwork is shown here, is one of the new artists at this year’s Pines & Palms’ Fall For Art Show, to be held Saturday at the Lapham-Patterson House.

Pines & Palms artists association ends the year with its annual Fall For Art Show, opening Saturday, Nov. 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the delightful historic Lapham-Patterson House.  

Anne McCudden, the director of the Thomasville History Center, is pleased to host the event at the Victorian painted lady. 

“We have been delighted to offer overnight housing for Pines & Palms’ artists here for several its events,” she said.  “We look forward to seeing some of their work in the show, including a lively watercolor of the house by Robert Leedy.”

Leedy is not the only award-winning artist in the show. Collectors will appreciate work by well-known master painters like Joe Palmerio and Katie Dobson Cundiff from Sarasota, who come to Thomasville often to paint, and Paul Ladnier and Randy Pitts from Jacksonville, who have been previous winners.  

Local artists Ron Thomson and Hillery Richards are also in the show. New this year are painters Steven Walker, fast becoming known for his fine brush work and unusual compositions; Linda Greaves, a master of vibrant colors; and Bill Farnsworth, a painter whose works are romantic and compelling,  

The show will use the house’s fireplace mantels as well as Victorian furniture to display the paintings.     

“As the historic lamps are everything but bright, our biggest concern is getting enough lighting on the work,” says Sue McFadden who is helping set up the event. “Along with the art, the food and beverages will be front and center, assuring a fun evening.”

As one of the goals of the organization is to bring art to unexpected places, after the opening some of the art will stay at the Lapham-Patterson House and the rest will go to the Thomas County Library and the Thomasville Visitors Center. The show closes at the three venues on Jan. 5.  

The event is open to the public at no charge. Pines & Palms is a growing charity based in Thomasville serving 160 artists, art lovers and the community.  

For more information go to or look for the Pines & Palms Facebook page.

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