The key to achievement in any area of life is commitment. A good example is trying to lose weight. Without commitment to a dieting plan, nothing can be achieved. You will simply lose and regain, lose and regain, ad infinitum.

The same can be said of living a Christian life. One must be committed to Christ and to living in conformity to his leadership and lordship in order to succeed. However, keep in mind that a person does not change himself; God changes those who choose, through commitment, to repent of their sinful lifestyle. The difference is commitment.

Since we believe in the eternal security of the Saint, we must conclude that some people were not actually converted in the first place. They are like the seed in the parable of the Sower which fell on shallow ground. They developed no root and soon fell away (Mt. 13:20). People like that can be the most enthusiastic “Christians” of all at first; but check back and you’ll find them again living their former lives. They will have dropped out of church and stopped displaying any evidence of Christian commitment. Such people are unlikely to be reached for the Lord. They have “been there, done that.”

It is not at all surprising that few people take the “straight and narrow” path that leads to life. Most take the easy “broad road” that leads to destruction. Why? The answer eludes all ministers. Why should anyone choose hell over heaven? I believe it boils down to lack of faith in God’s existence. If one believes there is a hell or place of torment, how could he choose it instead of heaven, the place of eternal joy and happiness? Obviously he must not believe in God.

I believe the majority of people living today are in effect atheists because of the way they live. Anyone believing in God must also believe that he will punish evil doers. Yet we see heinous crimes committed every day. How can anyone who does such evil things actually believe in God? I seriously doubt that they do.

Another, more subtle, example of unbelief, at least in God’s Word, exists even in many churches today. There are people who faithfully go to church each Sunday, yet commit grievous acts of greed and dishonesty all through the workweek: businessmen who cheat, lie, and steal, married men and women who have affairs, others who scam and abuse the elderly or even their own parents. All such people are bound for hell. If they really believed in God, how could they think they would be allowed into heaven? Jesus said that those who do the will of the Father are his brothers, sisters, and mother (Mt. 12:50). This is referring to those who will go to heaven through belief in Him, Christ, Who is God. Many of these people think that belonging to a church will save them. They are sorely mistaken.