THOMASVILLE -- WCTV meteorologist Mike McCall is expecting company in this part of the weather world.

"I'm pretty confident it will move toward us," said McCall, referring to Tropical Storm Bonnie.

At 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, the storm was displaying winds in excess of 60 mph and was moving northwest at 8 mph.

"Basically, now we are still just closely watching it," McCall said.

Bonnie is currently very small and compact and still trying to organize. All signs indicate the storm will start to turn toward the northwest late today or early Thursday.

McCall said the storm could strengthen before landfall due to the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico.

If the storm does not increase in size and speed, the local effects could be minimal but, if the storm strengthens in the Gulf, its effects could be much more serious.

"There are so many uncertainties, especially in strength," McCall said, adding that there was a fair margin of error for landfall.

Currently, there are no watches or warnings for the area, but McCall said said a tropical storm watch with the possibility of a hurricane watch could be forthcoming.

McCall said the weather team at WCTV is working to keep the community informed and trying to guard against any severe weather without notification.

For now, the only certainty is that area residents can expect more rain for the next few days. WCTV Doppler 6 forecast indicates a 60 percent chance of rain today and a 70 percent chance of rain on Thursday.

"We're giving Tropical Storm Bonnie its due consideration," McCall said. "We are considering all possibilities."

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Charley is gathering strength in the Caribbean Sea. Conditions indicate that it could also increase in strength to become a hurricane. Charley may reach the Gulf by the weekend, once again threatening the Gulf Coast. A tropical storm watch has been posted for Jamaica.

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