THOMASVILLE -- Burn the blubber.

As many people finalize their New Year's resolutions for 2005, one dietitian asks those who are weight conscious to consider alternatives to fad dieting.

Lisa Tudor, a registered dietitian with John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital, said people can still lose weight by bypassing the South Beach, Atkins and other diets that she said encouraged depriving the body of certain food groups.

"Some are more extreme than others," she said.

She said people who have started such diets should stick to them if they intend to maintain weight loss results. She said if people revert to old habits, they will regain the weight they have lost.

Tudor offered tips to help people lose weight in a healthy way. They included determining why people overeat, reducing fat consumption and controlling the amount of food people eat.

She said people often eat absent-mindedly out of boredom or while sitting in front of the TV.

"We eat on auto pilot," she said.

Tudor explained that many times, losing pounds while on certain diets comes from shedding water weight.

Tudor suggested successful ways to lose weight without adhering to a fad diet include increasing physical activity, considering caloric intake, decreasing consumption of sugary drinks and knowing how to control fat intake.

She also said keeping a stock of certain items in the house such as frozen vegetables, olive and canola oils, pasta and rice can decrease healthy meal preparation time.

She suggested that people can also moderate the amount of oil and other ingredients they put in certain dishes.

"You can tweak it a little and make it a healthier meal," she said.

Tudor said fad diets can be bad for diabetics and people with high blood pressure.

"Be able to live with the changes you need to make," she said.

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- determine why you overeat (i.e. boredom)

- reduce fat intake

- control how much food you eat

SOURCE: Lisa Tudor, registered dietitian with John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital

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