THOMASVILLE — For a consecutive year in a row, Archbold Memorial Hospital received a C rating for the fall 2021 period from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade.

The rating, which was released last Wednesday, joins a list of past C ratings the hospital received from the assessment group with the exception of a D rating in spring 2019 and another D rating in fall 2018.

Archbold Chief Medical Officer Dr. Coy Irvin said the consistent low rating is due to Leapfrog’s own methodology of comparing the hospital’s quality. 

“These Leapfrog-recommended processes aren’t quality outcomes themselves, but a hospital is penalized in the Leapfrog score if it has not implemented everything Leapfrog recommends,” he said. “John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital has a 3-star rating, which is above average for our region. The fact that some hospitals have higher Leapfrog scores and lower Star Ratings and vice versa, reflect the difficulty in developing a perfect comparison methodology.”

Leapfrog Hospital Grade is an independent non-profit that publicizes hospital ratings solely based on safety protocols. 

The grading criteria is divided up into five categories, including infections, problems with surgery, safety problems, practices to prevent errors, and hospital staff.

Archbold’s scores were equivalent to the best hospitals scores in subcategories such as dangerous objects left in patients body, air and gas bubble in the blood, safe medication administration, hand washing, staff work together to prevent errors and enough qualified nurses. 

The hospital scored below average for other subcategories, including accidental cuts and tears, communication about discharge and harmful events. 

Dr. Irvin noted that the hospital will use the feedback from Leapfrog as a way to keep improving. 

“Archbold remains proud of its ongoing commitment to quality and seeks to use information gained from all sources (Leapfrog, hospitalcompare, and others) to keep us focused on providing the safest, most effective care possible." he said.

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