THOMASVILLE — The individual wanted in the violent Wednesday attack and robbery of a Thomasville woman is described as a con man.

The suspect has two names, two addresses and two drivers licenses.

In addition to beating a 58-year-old real estate agent, tying her up with a telephone cord and taking her money and vehicle, the suspect has been eating and staying free in Thomasville since Saturday.

Thomas County Sheriff’s Office investigators are looking for Abel Coca, 39. He is believed to be Cuban and was described as 5-foot-5, weighing 180 pounds.

“He’s using the last name of Coca and Martin,” said Jason Carroll, sheriff’s office investigator.

He is believed to live in Hialeah, Fla., but also has an address of Polk Street, Apartment 1, West New York, N.J. The suspect was issued drivers licenses in Florida and in New Jersey.

He has an arrest record with the Immigration Naturalization Service, but the charge is not known at this time.

The real estate agent picked up Coca from the U.S. 19 South motel were he had been staying since Saturday. The man wanted to look at property.

The attack and robbery took place around noon off Pavo Road at the third showing.

“While inside the house, he attacked her, covered her head with a piece of her clothing,” Carroll said.

While the woman was showing the downstairs bathroom, Coca pulled a large pocket knife on her, threatened to kill her and bound her ankles and wrists. After tying up the woman, he took $800 from her.

Inside the victim’s blue sport utility vehicle Coca stole were credit cards, one of which he used within an hour at a Tallahassee, Fla., convenience store.

Carroll said Coca drove the SUV to the motel, gathered his belongings, switched to a two-door tan Honda Accord with a New Jersey tag and fled.

Meanwhile, the woman managed to escape from the locked bathroom and went to a nearby house for help.

A national alert has been issued for Coca. Sheriff’s office investigators are receiving assistance from New Jersey and Florida authorities.

“He’s a con man,” Carroll explained, adding that Coca has been telling “sob stories” since his arrival in Thomasville.

The suspect conned a local man into paying for two nights at the motel and a church into paying for the third night.

“He preys upon people,” the investigator said.

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 220.

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