THOMASVILLE — A bicyclist stopped by police and questioned why an officer wanted information from him is behind bars at the Thomas County Jail with bond denied.

About 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, a police officer saw a man on a bicycle traveling on East Washington Street. The bicycle had no light and was traveling on the wrong side of the street.

As the officer approached the bike, the operator got off the bicycle and began walking on the sidewalk with the bike.

The cyclist questioned why he was being stopped and why the officer needed information, according to a Thomasville Police Department incident report.

A check by dispatch with the National Crime Information Center showed the man, Nigel Anthony Stephens, had a warrant in Leon County, Florida, with full extradition and a probation violation in Georgia.

"Dispatch also advised that there was an advisory to use caution due to the subject being violent," the incident report stated.

As the officer waited for a second officer to arrive at the scene, Stephens walked behind a pile of brush, then toward the front side of the brush pile, the incident report states.

Officers located a small bag of spice near the bicycle. Behind the pile, officers found a folded lottery ticket containing spice.

Stephens 37, 206 Clanton St., is charged with possession of a Schedule I substance. He is on probation for a conviction of possession of the same drug.

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