CAIRO — City council members voted to approve the final version of a new budget for fiscal year 2019-20 Monday night.

Council member Jimmy Douglas motioned to approve the $42.6 million budget, which must be adopted formally through an ordinance which will represent the council's final vote.

The vote to adopt the budget ordinance will take place at a special called meeting June 18.

Douglas' motion was seconded by Council member Bobby Gwaltney and was approved unanimously.

Council member Jerry Cox said the budget acts as a guide for the city's spending, but that it has room to be amended if any new expenditures arise.

"I would encourage that we don't go out and buy all-new vehicles the first month of the year, but there's some flexibility in the budget so that we can make some adjustments if we need to," he said.

Changes in the new budget include a 20-cent increase in water rates to more closely match those of other nearby cities.

The increase is included in the budget partly because the city's water and sewer expenditures far outweigh revenues.

A new building inspector will be added to the city's payroll due to an increased demand for services and will be funded in part by a $30 fee for additional utility inspections.

There also will be a $2.50 increase in monthly residential solid waste collection rates.

Budget workshops have taken place since February, and final revisions were made last week.

A public hearing regarding the proposed budget was held May 28.